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Does A Pattern Meet FCC DA Limits:

Change Degrees To/From Feet

Rigid Coax Expansion Amount vs. Temperature

Figure VSWR From Forward / Reflected Power

VSWR To/From Return Loss in dB’s

Polar Plot in % Change to dBk

kW To / From BTU’s (filter loss in heat)

Convert kW To / From dBk

Apparent Gain From FM Pattern Optimized Pattern (Distortion gain)

Distance To Elevation Null in miles

Estimate Miles to the Horizon

Figure Path Loss

Antenna Deicer Wire Size Computation

Fresnel Zone Estimate

Convert RMS to Directivity

RMS Calculation From A Tabulation List

Typical Gains For Several Typical Antennas

Check Coax Power Rating For Transmitter Output Power Rating

Distance to Blanketing (115 dBu Curve)

Calorimetric ower Measurement

Compare the Operating Costs For Two Transmitters