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I have been in broadcasting for many years as: station engineer, chief engineer, group director of engineering, contract engineer and sales engineer.

You’ll find me today as the Regional Sales Manager for RF Specialties - South. My previous situations were West Coast Regional Sales Manager for Electronics Research, Inc (ERI) and National Sales Manager for Jampro Antennas and RF Systems, Inc. Also,  field engineering for Carl E. Smith Consulting Engineers, Inc., a field service engineer for Gates Radio Division of Harris Corp., did PCB fabricating for the Appollo Division of General Electric in support of NASA’s Appolo space project, was a digital product manager and Regional Sales Manager for Allied Broadcast Equipment. and also worked for Arrakis Systems and Wheastone Corp.

You may know that I authored papers and delivered many to the SBE National and Regional conferences, local SBE Chapters, presented to Mexico’s Ametra, Japan’s Inter-BEE plus Canada’s CCBE meetings. I attended several regional broadcast shows and present papers and/or sat on engineering round table conferences including TAB (Texas Association of Broadcasters), Broadcasters’ Clinic (Madison, WE), Iowa Public Symposium, Tampa’s SBE Symposium, among others.


Work telephone (916) 705-0040

Work Email        bob.groome@rfsouth.com

Home Email       bobgroome@gmail.com

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